JJ Abrams comments on Canon EOS 5D Mark II and DSLR video

“What is good advice for teenagers today who want to make and direct movies?”

JJ Abrams, Writer-Director

It’s amazing how technology has changed the moviemaking process almost entirely.

Helping kids make movies used to be all about encouragement — keep writing and “go make a movie or find a way to make a movie.” But actually, that was an unlikely thing — it was hard for kids to make a movie well and have it really work.

The beauty today, however, is that with cameras like the Canon 5D Mark II and software like Final Cut Pro, the tools have been democratized. Anyone can get their hands on equipment that is somewhere in that range of quality, which is unbelievable. So, today the advice is -> go make your movie. You don’t need permission anymore. What you need is a group of people who want to do it. And that’s the most important foundation you can have: a community of likeminded people who are trying to be creative and want to make movies or write scripts. There is a kind of freedom now that people have and accessibility to tools that really let you make a movie that is, in many cases, as visually high-quality as a lot of what you see in theaters and on TV. That is really exciting — the notion that you can make a movie that actually has an aesthetic of such a high caliber. Having said that, canvas and brushes and paint have been available for a long time to a lot of people. Ultimately, some people create artwork that is of note, that has emotion and meaning, and that is full of ideas, while some people don’t. But the good news is that for those people who couldn’t find the brushes and paint before, they are available now.


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